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1978 in Chatham, Ontario


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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — we love our customers. Nothing delights us as much as delivering quality printing, signs and promotional products on time and at the agreed-upon price. In fact, we have set up an entire production management system for the purpose of being the kind of dependable printer that businesses and organizations need for all your printing and signage requirements.

Our desire is to be extremely customer-focused, convenient and dependable - folks that you can rely on to deliver a quality job on time and at a fair price. Our team of amazing people are enthusiastic about building a relationship with you, one job at a time.


People are frustrated because they have too many things to do. We save busy people time, enabling them to focus on what is important to them and their work, by doing things that they don't have the time or resources to do.

Specifically, we do this by providing quality printing, signs and advertising products without any hassles and at a fair price. We offer this to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations in Southern Ontario.


A full line of printed products, labels, signs, promotional items (swag) and trade show displays.



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