Nothing pleases us more than pleasing our customers. Apparently, that sits pretty well with them, too. But don't just take our word for it. Here are a few kind words our customers had to say about us.

Experiences like these - and the chance to work with such wonderful people - make us look forward to coming to work each day.

If you'd like to share your own experiences about working with us, please get in touch!

Nic White
Handy Bros. Home Comfort

We have developed a regular working relationship with Instant Print for our printing and promotional needs including; labels, signs, name tags, thank you cards, marketing follow-up letters, pens etc. We found that their business helped our business by giving us better design and quality. This saved us money, time and gave us a professional edge.

Instant Print provides great service and great value. Try them out you won’t be disappointed.

Handy Bros. helps guide homeowners through the stress and confusion of getting the repairs they need, fast. With stress and worry behind them, homeowners can relax and focus on the things that matter most, all while experiencing exceptional comfort. Home Comfort Done Differently.


Laura Furlan
Tri-Lan Farms

We have been using Instant Print for all of our printing & promotional needs for over 20 years. They are our “one stop shop” for our 3-part invoices, leases, business cards, signs, labels etc. Because of this long-term relationship, re-ordering is convenient and expedient.

When we call, they know us and we know them. They are flexible and accommodating with our project needs and timelines.

Tri-lan Farms specializes in growing fresh market produce. They also grow the traditional cash crops of corn, soybeans and wheat. The Furlan family is also known throughout Southwestern Ontario for supplying farmers with quality farm and industrial machinery at a fair value.


Dr. Brett Davey
Davey Chiropractic & Laser Clinic

We do not have the time or technology to make professional looking print for our office. Therefore, we use Instant Print for pretty much everything from in-office information sheets to advertisements, business cards and forms. This allows us to focus on other things while putting out high end print.

The Instant Print staff clearly communicates with us to make sure each job gets done properly in a timely, stress-free process. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Dr. Davey and his staff have a mission to improve the lives of others and to treat each person with the respect, love and compassion they deserve.