We're Local. We care.

Instant Print & Promo in Chatham, Ontario

We want to help build a strong local business community.

You deserve excellent customer service. That's why we bend over backwards to provide it.

We love our community. We love our local businesses and organizations. We want to do everything we can to support them.

Because there are just some things you can get at a local business that you can't get online or at a "big box" store. Personalized service. Someone nice answering whenever you call. People who care.

We strive to offer all of that and more to our customers. We know that you're not a number...you're a real person with a name. We will treat you that way.

Oh, you'll still get everything you'd get from an "out-of-town" shop like online ordering and competitive prices. But our quality, speed and service are where we shine!

You can expect more from us. We'll call and check if there's a typo or we think something's not right with your order. We'll offer some money-saving ideas and other tips. And if we know that the shop down the street can do your job better, we'll tell you.

Honesty. Service. Care. It's what we offer to each and every customer.

So please... go ahead and call us.

Somebody nice will always answer.