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Labels are an incredibly effective tool. Experts say that every package or bag that leaves your store should have a label on it.

  • Labels are an affordable way to promote yourself. Be sure your customer remembers where they bought something by putting your label on the box.
  • Labels are a great way to "cross-promote." List other products and services you offer and affix it to a package or invoice.
  • We also print address labels, asset tags, clear labels, oil change labels, foil labels and much more!
  • Labels are available for indoor or outdoor use, full-colour or one-colour and even die-cut to a special shape. And we can also do bar-coded or numbered labels.

Because we have so many different types of labels available, select a few of the options below and include any other relevant information. We will get you the best price shortly.


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    Color Options: Full-Color
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    Round-Cornered Rectangles are rectangle or squares with a 'rounded' corner (as opposed to a sharp, 90° angle corner).

    Square-Cornered Rectangles are rectangles or squares with a defined, 90° corner.

    Other shapes are available (such as starbursts or custom shapes). Ask us for details.

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    Please input the size of your label in inches. 

  5. Configuration

  6. Material


    White matte paper is suitable for indoor use but offers little protection against wear and tear or the elements.

    White gloss paper is coated with a bright white cast shine, features high tack and ultimate bond strength, and offers additional durability over matte paper.

    Clear polypropylene is a clear plastic film with an acrylic topcoat shine, excellent for interior and exterior uses.

    White vinyl is a flexible, matte-finish material that offers excellent protection against the elements.

    White static cling is a white vinyl material with no adhesive that can be repositioned after being applied.

    Clear static cling is a clear, flexible vinyl material with no adhesive that can be repositioned after being applied.


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