Bindery and Finishing Services

"Finishing" The Job


Our automated equipment can provide a crisp fold in several different formats. We can fold in half, in thirds, as a "Z-Fold" as well as several other options.

The most popular fold is a three-fold brochure. Folding in half is also a popular choice.

For more unique folding jobs, we also offer several hand-folding options.

Paper Cutting

A precise, clean cut if very important for a great-looking print job. Our commercial-grade digital paper cutters are extremely fast and accurate. They use a high-pressure clamp to ensure that the paper doesn't shift, and our razor-sharp blades provide a clean cut each time.

Hole Punching

Whether you need a traditional 3-hole punch or 2-hole or even 5-hole, we can do it quickly and affordably. Our specialized paper drill presses are designed to punch holes through large stacks of paper.

Need a larger or smaller hole? No problem. Need it in a specific place? We can do that. Putting a hole in a tag or other special item? Right up our alley!

Quick Tip #1: Remember to allow 1/2" of extra margin for three-hole drilling along the side of the sheet of paper.

Quick Tip #2: Did you know studies have shown that people tend to save printed items longer if they are three-hole drilled? Marketing experts think that subconsciously we tend to feel like we need to put a three-hole drilled sheet into a binder or save it for future reference.

Round Cornering

Adding a rounded corner to your business card or postcard can add an "extra touch." We can round the corners of most anything...ask us today.


Collating is simply the process of gathering individual sheets (or other parts of a print job) and assembling them into a finished product.

Copiers can collate automatically, but did you know that we can also collate other items, too? Our high-speed collating equipment can save you the time it would take to hand-collate the project. The next time you have a big project that requires collating, keep us in mind - we make it so easy, you'll never want to hand-collate again.

Stapling & Stitching

You know what stapling is, but you may be wondering how 'stitching' relates to printing? Actually, "stitching" simply refers to stapling more than 40 pages. It generally requires an industrial-sized, floor-mounted piece of equipment.

At Instant Print & Promo, we have a variety of stapling and stitching machines that can handle any type of book or printed project you need to assemble.

Gluing Into Pads

A glued pad is a very handy way to keep a set of sheets together and ready for use. Not only is it used for memo pads, but is convenient for work orders, invoices, checklists and inspection forms. Let a glued pad make life easier and more convenient for you. Ask us how today.


Simply put, laminating adds value to your printed project and posters. How?

  • Increases durability
  • Preserves colours
  • Enables your projects to withstand moisture
  • Protects your projects from fingerprints, abrasions, and smudges.
  • Its glossy finish gives your projects a professional look that you can be proud of.

Next time you want to add a little something extra to your printing or posters, let us laminate them for you!


Many invoices, tickets and forms require sequential numbering. Numbering is a convenient way to maintain accurate records and improve organization.

We have the ability to do almost any sort of numbering you need. Any starting number. Ascending or descending. We can even count by 2's or 3's.


Perforating a form or ticket can create a convenient tear-off for your customer, or a record for your business. There are many uses for a perforation on a printed product.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happily offer suggestions and solutions for your perforating needs.

Shrink Wrapping

Presentation is everything. We use a clear shrink wrap to package up your printed job so you can see right away how it looks. We can also shrink wrap your job to meet your requirements, so it is ready for you to give or sell to your customer.

Hand Work

Do you have a special project that needs a unique touch? We do folding, labeling, collating, inserting, sealing, double-sided taping, kitting, packing—and just about anything else you can imagine. Our bindery services department is fully capable of handling all your labour-intensive needs. Let us save you time!

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